Providing In-Home Speech Therapy Etobicoke

Speech therapy is important because communication and language are essential aspects of our life. Communication skills help children effectively explore their environment, learn from their environment and form effective relationships with peers and caregivers to excel at home and school. Speech and language development serve as a root to children’s cognitive and social- emotional development. At Speech Therapy Works Etobicoke we advocate for early intervention; children’s earliest experiences play a critical role in brain development. Speech therapy is likely to be more effective and less costly when it is provided early in life rather than later. Speech therapy at speech therapy works can address all aspects of language-articulation/ pronunciation, social-communication, play skills, language, reading, writing and fluency.


Initial Speech Language Assessment

We complete an initial speech language assessment to address your concerns. The assessment will be completed by a registered speech language pathologist holding a Master’s degree. It is within speech therapists scope of practice to identify communication disorders related to language, articulation, social communication, stuttering, reading and writing. We obtain background information, understand your needs and use our clinical skills and judgement to diagnose your speech language difficulties. We identify how and extent to which your speech language difficulties are impacting your life. The evaluation can take place at your home, day care or at school. At the time of assessment, we decide the course of treatment and individualize wide range of treatment available to your needs.


Speech Therapy at Home

Ability to communicate effectively is essential to achieve and maintain quality of life for children and adults. Speech and language difficulties can adversely affect social interaction, learning, self confidence, participation, learning and academic performance. After identifying the areas of communication difficulties, we work with you consistently on a weekly basis to help you develop speech language skills. We use a wide range of treatment options to address your needs namely Hanen, Lidcombe, the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), PROMPT, behaviour management etc. We work with children with a variety of diagnosis Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, Apraxia, Stuttering etc. Consistently scheduled speech therapy sessions are essential for success. We ensure rewarding and motivating activities to ensure you child’s engagement. We create an ideal learning environment by using positive reinforcements and praise throughout the session. We understand rapport with the child and family members is important.