Providing In-Home Speech Therapy Vaughan

For some people, speech therapy is as much a part of life as reading or writing. They need a little help in understanding how to speak clearly and enunciate their words properly. While many of us develop this skill naturally, others may need additional coaching and attention to help them improve their speech. As with any learned activity, speech is a very individual trait that develops at different rates in different people. The professionals at Speech Therapy Works (Speechtherapyworks.ca) understand this and have trained speech therapists in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas to help. They have been providing this service for some time and have helped countless people at one of their speech therapy sessions in school or in home speech therapy visits. The process takes a commitment from the speech therapists and the patient, but the results are well worth the effort.

What We Do

Speech therapy is a process that starts with a thorough evaluation. This interview is conducted by a trained speech therapist and will uncover any speech concerns that need addressing. Once these observations are complete a diagnosis will be formed after consulting with a wide range of people including parents, teachers and other health care professionals. This diagnosis will provide the basis for a regiment of speech therapy services that can be done at a local school in Woodbridge or as in home speech therapy. This program will be unique to each individual and will be reevaluated on a regular basis to ensure progress is being made. The key is consistent involvement in the program and support by the family and professional home speech therapist.

How We Can Help

The Speech Therapy Works professional staff of speech therapists in Woodbridge employ a number of different programs to help correct speech problems. The application of these techniques are as individual as the patient and are constantly adjusted as needed. Some of these programs are conducted by a speech therapist in Woodbridge in private sessions and others may be done at home by the parents. There are a variety of programs available at the Speech Therapy Works that include PROMPT, Hannen, Lindcombe and others. These specialized programs have all proven to be effective in correcting speech issues for a wide range of people and can work for you too.

Service area:

Vaughn, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Kleinburg