‘R’ Sound Home Program

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‘R’ Sound Home Program

Speech Therapy Works has created an in-depth home program to help children struggling with the ‘r’ sound. This home program consists of both handouts with activities to do at home and detailed videos explaining how to practice the ‘r’ sound.

Extended health insurance usually covers $500-$1000 only and ‘r’ is one of those tricky sounds that might need more than 5-8 sessions to master. The ‘r’ sound also requires frequent home practice in order to master.

Our Program

The Speech Therapy Works ‘r’ program consists of handouts, practice materials and videos starting at the elicitation stage all the way to the conversation stage. It’s a step by step program that can be used at your own pace. We also have speech therapists to consult with if you have any questions at any stage of the program.

What’s Included

You can choose to buy just the handouts with activities targeting the ‘r’ sound or just the videos explaining how to master the ‘r’ sound. If you buy them individually it is $175 each. If you buy a package of both the handouts and the videos targeting the ‘r’ sounds, the cost is $300.

46 page Handout Alone


Handout & Videos Together


7x Videos Alone


Note that SLP consultation is not included in the pricing.

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