Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is a naturalistic intervention model originating from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). PRT is a research based intervention for children with Autism. PRT targets motivation, ability to respond to multiple cues, self management and social initiations which are pivotal areas of child development. These pivotal areas are foundational behaviours for children with autism to make widespread and generalized improvements in many other areas. By targeting these pivotal areas PRT results in widespread collateral improvements in communication, social pragmatics and behaviour.

PRT uses research based motivational procedures including child choice, task variation, natural reinforcers etc. The goal of PRT to is to move the child towards a more typical development course through individualized objectives based on the child’s unique needs. PRT can achieve development of language and communication skills, increase of positive social behaviours and decrease of disruptive self stimulatory behaviours.  PRT is provided in natural environments and puts emphasis on parent education to empower family members to become agents of treatment eventually. This allows learning across daily routines.

At Speech Therapy Works a registered speech language pathologist trained in PRT provides treatment. This play based intervention is one of the best studied and validated treatments for autism. According to Autism Speaks, more than 20 studies suggest that PRT improves communication skills in many children with autism. We offer PRT in the child’s natural environment (home, day care) and at the Speech Therapy Works clinic. Please call (416) 553-0729 or email info@speechtherapyworks.ca for pricing information.