Articulation Disorder

What is a Speech delay or an Articulation disorder?

Articulation disorder is a speech disorder that involves issues with pronouncing specific sounds. This can include slurring your speech, substituting one sound for another, or not being to produce sounds causing indistinct speech.

When looking for signs of articulation disorder, there are some specific things to look for. These things can be leaving off sounds like “coo” instead of school or adding sounds like “puh” to play. Articulation disorder can also be linked to more pronunciation disorders like mispronouncing ‘s’, ‘th’, and ‘r’. When experiencing this mispronunciation issue, children can see a speech therapist to form an intervention that mainly looks at the accurate pronunciation of speech sounds to improve speech clarity.

Mispronunciation of words and sounds often occurs when a child is growing up and learning new words but if it continues past a certain age, it may be seen as a problem. It is important that early action is taken because the mispronunciation of common letters and sounds is something that can be reversed, and a speech therapist can aide in doing so. It is important to seek attention when your child is growing up because being able to fix it will help with the child’s self-esteem and confidence when speaking. Parents can refer to the guide below to see at what age specific sounds should be mastered. Speech delay or articulation delay occurs when speech errors continue past a certain age.

Speech therapy for speech delay or an articulation disorder

At Speech Therapy Works, we work to make therapy for children fun through the use of games, activities, and electronics. Interventions that maintain the child’s attention can involve games where the child must be able to pronounce a word correctly in order to advance in the game or so on. It is proven that children work better within environments where attention and involvement is maintained, and the child is interested in working.

At Speech Therapy Works, our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and that includes making it convenient. We come to you whether at your home, school, work or daycare. We know schedules are busy so we work with you to develop a schedule that best suits your needs.

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