Articulation Disorder

What is a Speech delay or an Articulation disorder?

Speech is the mechanical process of making sounds. It is how we use our voice box, breath, mouth, teeth and tongue placement, or in other words, how we articulate. An articulation or speech delay is a difficulty in producing specific sounds when talking.

Children with a speech delay may change one sound for another, so the word “rose” comes out sounding like “wose”, or the word “Light” might sound like “Tight”, or a sound may be omitted completely so the word “spoon” comes out sounding like “spoo”.  Most children make some mistakes as they learn to say new words but a speech delay occurs when mistakes continue past a certain age. Speech delays are not something children “grow out” of, so early intervention is important. Working on these issues can help boost your child’s confidence and help them become better communicators.


Speech therapy for speech delay or an articulation disorder

Our Speech Therapists make therapy fun through the use of games, activities and even iPads. Treatment may involve demonstrating how to produce the sound correctly, learning to recognize which sounds are correct and incorrect, and practicing sounds in different words. Children learn best through play and making therapy fun keeps children engaged and motivated to work.
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