Services at Montessori, Private School and Daycares in Toronto and the GTA

Speech therapy Works offers speech language therapy and ABA therapy at your child’s Montessori, private school or day care. We can collaborate with your child’s educational team to set up a schedule for weekly therapy. Speech therapy or ABA therapy can happen at your child’s educational centre to ensure therapy happens early in the day when the child is ready to learn. Speech therapy or ABA therapy at the child’s educational centre also ensures collaboration with teachers and generalization of skills to everyday routines.


Providing Shadowing for Children with Special Needs at Daycares, Montesorri and Schools

Children learn the most from interacting with each other. We don’t want to isolate children with different needs. It’s best for all children when they engage with each other in a variety of routines, settings and scenarios. This will allow children to pick up each other’s strengths and grow together. Some children will need more assistance to ensure participation in classroom routines. Our Instructor therapists and the ABA team are able to collaborate to address your child’s unique needs in his/ her natural environment with peers. Our goal will be to maximize the child’s learning potential especially during early years in the classroom. Our Instructor therapists can shadow your child in the classroom and implement strategies or programs for a couple of hours or the entire school day during difficult transitions or activities.

To maximize your child’s learning potential during the early years contact our office (416) 553-0729.