Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome may face challenges in developing communication skills such as understanding language, expressive language and producing speech sounds.s

Children with Down Syndrome have strengths in the area of social interaction. However, speech intelligibility (production of speech that can be easily understood) is one of the most difficult areas at all ages. Many children have difficulty with the strength, timing and coordination of muscle movements for speech. Factors that contribute to speech intelligibility problems include: articulation problems with specific sounds, low oral-facial muscle tone, and difficulties in motor planning and co-ordination for speech. Children with Down syndrome frequently have difficulty with grammar, tenses and word endings and use shorter sentences to communicate.

Speech-language pathologists at Speech therapy Works will develop treatment plans to target oral-motor co-ordination difficulties, articulation errors, receptive (understanding language) and expressive language skill deficits. Consistent speech-language therapy will help children with Down Syndrome develop language skills to interact with other children and to increase participation at school, social settings etc.

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