Speech Therapy for Speech Delay or Articulation Disorders- Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol
What is Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol?

The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol is a way of teaching children with Apraxia of speech the easiest way of saying words. It could also be used with individuals displaying articulation disorders or a speech delay. Words are simplified without including too many of the complex consonants, vowels, or syllables which make a word difficult to produce. Gradually, simplified words are refined to produce target words.

How Does it Work?

This teaching method is a reflection of how young children attempt “first words.” For example, the word “bottle” may begin as “ba,” progress to “baba,” later becomes “bado,” and eventually, “bottle.” The Kaufman Therapy starts by reinforcing word approximations and eventually refines these attempts to target words and phrases.

This program can also be used with adults who have lost the ability to speak.

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