Providing In-Home Speech Therapy Brampton

Speech Therapy Works provides speech therapy for children in Brampton. We work with parents, caregivers and teachers to improve child’s communication and speech –language abilities. We offer all speech language services including assessment, consultation, monitoring of speech language development, parent education, small group therapy, one on one therapy and home programs.

Speech Language Assessment

The first step is a speech language assessment. An assessment consists of gathering information related to the birth history of the child, parent reports on the child’s language skills, clinical observations and/or administering formal speech language tests. Speech language assessments will allow the speech therapist to compare your child’s language development to other children of the same age. The speech therapist is able to determine what language skill the child has not developed for the age. The speech therapist determines the amount of delay, treatment options and, treatment goals and the frequency of treatment.

Speech Therapy Brampton

Speech therapists at the Speech Therapy Works Brampton are professional, personable and passionate about working with children. We have access to a variety of toys at the clinic for children of all ages. When we see children in their environment- home, day care etc. we carry bags of toys during our visits to keep speech therapy entertaining at the same time goal oriented. Speech therapy will target goals formulated during the assessment. Speech therapists usually start with simple tasks and gradually increase the complexity of the task based on the child’s performance. Speech language goals are practiced in structured tasks as well as unstructured tasks such as free play. New speech language goals are introduced as previously created goals are mastered and the child is able to use newly developed skills independently.