Funding Help for Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Works wants to make speech therapy and ABA therapy accessible to families across Toronto and the GTA. Our knowledgeable co-ordinator will be happy to answer questions related to extended health care benefits covering speech therapy. We will also assist you in completing applications for government funding and funding from charity organizations.


Funding for Speech Therapy through Private Insurance

Speech therapy is covered through most extended health insurance plans (e.g. Green Shield Canada, Manulife). Contact your insurance provider to get information about coverage for speech therapy specific to your plan. We offer direct billing with Green Shield Canada.


Non-Government Funding for Speech Therapy and ABA therapy


1) Ceridian Cares –

Ceridian cares provides to families that require support to access programs that “improve quality of life including physical and emotional well being.”


2) Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity –

Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity assists families ease ‘financial burdens.’ They assist children with special treatment needs and medical expenses.


3) Labatt- Better Together –

Labatt- Better Together is funding support services to improve the quality of life of individuals.


Government Funding for Speech Therapy and ABA therapy


Ontario Autism Program

When your child receives a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder you are eligible to receive Ontario Autism Program (OAP). OAP will allow you to access evidence based behavioural services, family services and training offered at Speech Therapy Works. You will receive services at Speech Therapy Works without any waiting when you choose the Direct Funding Option (DFO). Find the links below to access more information:


Other Government Funding Options

1. Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities

2. Child Disability Benefit

3. Special Services at Home

4. Ontario Disability Support Program