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The ability to communicate is essential to daily life. For children in the town of Whitchurch-Stouffvile, difficulty communicating can result in decreased confidence, academic difficulty, and social isolation. Communication difficulties often arise as a result of speech and language disorders. Speech disorders include stuttering, articulation difficulties, resonance issues, and dysphagia (“What is Speech Therapy,” 2015). Language disorders include difficulty understanding language, putting words together, and interacting with others. Other communicative challenges include language delays and difficulty reading and writing. For some children, speech and language disorders and delays are caused by disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and Cerebral Palsy. Speech therapy is an effective way to help children who are experiencing speech and language disorders. Early intervention for children with speech and language disorders is important as most children learn language skills by the age of three (“What is Speech Therapy,” 2015). Speech therapy for children can serve to improve their articulation, quality of speech, literacy and social behaviour. These skills are essential as children progress through school and into adult life.


Prior to treatment, a child is evaluated by a speech-language pathologist to assess their level of behaviour, social skills, communication, and language. An assessment involves both formal and informal testing techniques, including clinical observation and play. The child’s abilities are compared with the standardized norms attributed to their specific age group They are then assessed for a number of disorders including language disorders (e.g. difficulty understanding spoken and written language or communicating socially), cognitive communication disorders (e.g.. difficulty reasoning, organizing, and problem solving), voice disorders (e.g. issues with quality of voice), swallowing disorders, and speech disorders (e.g.. difficulty with articulation). Information collected by teachers and other medical professionals, such as occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, and physicians, may be considered in order to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s condition and may help to identify any disorders or delays. Using information gleaned from their assessment, speech-language pathologists put together a treatment plan for the patient that best serves their specific needs.

Speech therapy Stouffvile

Speech therapy sessions may occur one-on-one with a speech-language pathologist or in a group. They are offered in schools, hospitals, clinics and at clients’ homes. Speech therapy for children varies depending on the targets that have been identified in the child’s assessment. With these targets in mind, therapists select a number of specifically chosen games, activities, and, if appropriate, reading material, to use in the child’s session. Targets vary from child to child but might include oral-motor coordination difficulties; errors of articulation, receptive language issues; expressive language issues; reading; writing; and social communication (e.g. staying on topic, finishing a conversation). Following the sessions, therapists recommend strategies that the parent can use at home with their children to reinforce concepts introduced in the therapy sessions. This ensures that the child’s practice continues throughout the week. At Speech Therapy Works, regular treatment is recommended for issues such as language delay, Autism, learning disabilities, Down Syndrome, and stuttering.

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