Our clinic is centrally and conveniently located in Toronto (North York) beside the Sheppard West Subway Station (formerly Downsview station). We are open seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. We provide speech therapy at our clinic from 9am-7:30pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on the weekends. This will allow you to access us after school hours or after work hours also. We offer free parking! The exact address is: 1 De Boers Dr, Unit 101B, Toronto, ON M3J 0G6

You need to book in advance to visit us at the clinic. When you contact us for a speech therapy appointment at the Speech Therapy Works clinic in Toronto (North York), we will get information from you to understand your needs. We will then schedule an appointment with a speech therapist that is able to address your needs the best.


Initial Assessment

The first step is an initial speech-language assessment to determine the amount of delay or severity, areas of strength and weakness and treatment goals. At our clinic, we could complete the initial speech assessment informally or formally using a variety of testing tools. Speech Therapy Works clinic has access to a variety of formal tests that address a variety of communication disorders including language, articulation, reading or learning. The type of formal test used will depend on the age of the child, severity of the disorder, the type of concern and the time available.


Speech Therapy at the Clinic

Speech Therapy Works is a speech clinic for children based in North York, Toronto. We offer speech therapy in our clinic as well as in-home and in-school speech therapy for families in Toronto and the G.T.A. Therapists at Speech Therapy Works understand the social, emotional, and academic difficulties that can arise from being unable to communicate due to speech or language disorders. Because of this, the clinic recommends that speech therapy begin as early as toddlerhood. Speech Therapy Works offers treatment for a variety of different speech disorders including stuttering, language delay, Apraxia, and articulation disorders, as well as language difficulties arising from Autism, Down Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Other treatments offered by Speech Therapy Works include treatment to improve reading, writing, and comprehension. With regular treatment, speech therapists at Speech Therapy Works see improvements in their clients’ grammar, articulation, social skills and confidence.


Speech Therapy at Speech Therapy Works

As Speech Therapy Works is a clinic for children, emphasis is placed on keeping sessions fun and engaging, beginning with the assessment. During the assessment, information on the child’s language skills is gathered through formal and informal testing as well as parental and clinical observations of the child. Based on the information gathered, the speech-language pathologist outlines specific language goals/targets to be focused during treatment sessions. In addition to the formal components of the initial assessment, therapists at Speech Therapy Works use the session to get to know the child and gain their trust. This is done with the goal of making speech therapy sessions feel more like a play date and less like a lesson or test. Following the assessment, treatment will occur approximately once or twice a week with either a speech-language pathologist or a communication disorders assistant. Treatment is most often one-on-one with a therapist but Speech Therapy Works also provides small group sessions in which children can practice social and verbal skills. As with the child’s assessment, therapists strive to create a fun environment during therapy sessions. In each session, therapists target the goals outlined in the assessment using a variety of creative and engaging activities. Clinicians make use of toys, games, stories, and iPads to target goals. This play-based environment allows children to stay engaged and motivated in therapy which ensures their attention and participation. The result is a more efficient and effective learning environment. Another benefit of play-based therapy is the flexibility it allows the therapist and child: because it is less structured, the clinician can follow the child’s lead. Creating a less structured and ultimately less intimidating environment allows the child to practice language in a relaxed way.

Speech Therapy Works seeks to provide the most effective and convenient speech therapy to children and their families in Toronto. At Speech Therapy Works, therapists believe that speech therapy for children is most effective when the child is comfortable and fun. Because of this, therapists at Speech Therapy Works employ play-based strategies in their assessment and therapy sessions in order to create a learning environment that is both relaxed and engaging. Speech Therapy Works has many resources to help keep sessions engaging and employs speech-language pathologists and communicative disorder assistants who understand the importance and efficacy of keeping therapy engaging.