Our clinic is centrally and conveniently located in Toronto (North York) beside the Sheppard West Subway Station (formerly Downsview station). We are open seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. We provide speech therapy at our clinic from 9am-7:30pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm on the weekends. This will allow you to access us after school hours or after work hours also. We offer free parking! The exact address is: 1030 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #5, Toronto, ON M3H6C1

You need to book in advance to visit us at the clinic. When you contact us for a speech therapy appointment at the Speech Therapy Works clinic in Toronto (North York), we will get information from you to understand your needs. We will then schedule an appointment with a speech therapist that is able to address your needs the best.


Initial Assessment

The first step is an initial speech-language assessment to determine the amount of delay or severity, areas of strength and weakness and treatment goals. At our clinic, we could complete the initial speech assessment informally or formally using a variety of testing tools. Speech Therapy Works clinic has access to a variety of formal tests that address a variety of communication disorders including language, articulation, reading or learning. The type of formal test used will depend on the age of the child, severity of the disorder, the type of concern and the time available.


Speech Therapy at the Clinic

Speech therapy at the clinic increases structure for the child as the child is going to a new environment that is not his own to learn. The clinic room is child friendly with a play mat and access to a variety of toys for children of all ages. Speech therapy at our clinic will be fun and goal oriented at the same time.