Speech Therapy For Children


Speech therapists at Speech Therapy Works are speech language specialists working with children with a variety of disorders. Speech and language enables children to express their needs and wants from a very early age (close to 12 months). As children get older they use speech and language to express their ideas, exchange ideas, to engage in a conversation, to persuade, to participate in the classroom and to learn. Speech and language consists of pronunciation or articulation, receptive language (ability to understand), expressive language, reading and writing. Difficulties in any of these areas could affect the child’s ability to perform well in a variety of situations including school.  For example, if a child is not able to articulate or pronounce certain sounds, his/ her peers might not be able to understand him/ her. This will affect the child’s ability to make friends, engage in a conversation and participate. At Speech Therapy Works we want children to achieve their maximum potential in a variety of situations.

Speech Therapy Works uses formal and informal tests to compare your child’s abilities to standardized norms related to the child’s age. We tell you where your child is under performing or over performing. Our goals will target areas of speech and language the child needs to improve for his/her age. Speech therapy is for all children that need to improve their speech language skills; with or without a diagnosis. Speech therapy will help all children reach their maximum potential by targeting articulation or pronunciation, receptive language and expressive language. Speech therapy will improve learning by targeting reading and writing. We have specific programs for a variety of difficulties children experience. We will complete assessments, provide consultation, train parents and provide 1:1 speech therapy for children.

Please call the office for additional information (416) 553-0729 or email info@speechtherapyworks.ca