Providing In-Home Speech Therapy East York

Speech Therapy Works is passionate about working with children. We provide services to children of all ages, 16 months- 18 years of age. We see children with a variety of speech language difficulties everyday ranging from mild-severe difficulties. At Speech Therapy Works East York, we treat articulation or pronunciation difficulties, language delay, stuttering, reading difficulties, learning difficulties and social-pragmatic difficulties. We work with children without a diagnosis and children with a diagnosis of autism, genetic disorders, apraxia or developmental delays. Our speech therapists are known to be personable, family oriented, knowledgeable and professional.


When to contact Speech Therapy Works East York?

Parents can contact a speech therapist when you or others are not able to understand your child. You can seek speech therapy when your child is not able to express his needs accurately or not able to communicate well with other children. Parents will need a speech therapist when the child is not able to answer questions accurately, narrate a story, speak fluently, read fluently, and/or understand what is being said or read to him. Teachers or a paediatrician may refer you to a speech therapist when they find that your child’s speech language skills are delayed compared to children of the same age.

Speech therapists are experts when it comes to assessing and treating speech language skills. You do not need a doctor’s referral to see registered speech therapists. Most extended health insurance packages or work benefits cover speech therapy with a registered speech therapist.


What do speech therapists do?

Speech therapists use their clinical skills to assess your child’s articulation, language, reading, learning and social skills. We determine if there is a delay and the range of delay (mild-severe). Speech therapists make recommendations and provide therapy to improve delayed speech language skills using a variety of strategies and programs including Hanen strategies, phonological awareness, reading programs, play based strategies, Lidcombe, PROMPT, behaviour management strategies, Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), visual and tactile cueing etc. In between sessions, we assign home programs and train parents on what to do at home. Based on the child’s development, progress and parent feedback we continue to make changes to treatment goals. Speech therapy is research based; we use strategies and techniques that have proven to make a difference and improve individuals’ speech language skills.