Language Delay

Speech Therapy for Children Facing Language Delay

A language delay can be extremely frustrating for you and your child. Does your child find it challenging to express themselves in social situations? Do they struggle with deciphering the information that they are receiving from others? Speech therapy for children facing language delay can help your child work through these challenges.

For many young children, communicating with teachers and peers in an educational setting is imperative to their success in early childhood education. Your child needs to be able to communicate when they are feeling confused about topics being covered in a class. Additionally, deciphering information passed down from instructors is essential.

What is Language Delay?

If your child has difficulty expressing his or her wants and needs, he or she might be experiencing a language delay. If so, your child might benefit significantly from in home therapy for children facing language delay.A language delay can appear at many different stages in a child’s development. A child that is slower to use words and experiences challenges associated with speaking in full sentences may be experiencing a language delay. Having trouble following directions in school or struggling to contribute to in-class conversations are also potential signs of a language delay.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Speech Therapy Works, we realize the potential for early intervention when it comes to speech therapy for children facing language delay. Our speech therapy services are designed to identify children facing language delay at an early age. That way, we can help you and your child take the right steps to make those difficult tasks become easier.

Our in home speech therapy services begin with an initial assessment to assess your child’s unique educational needs.
Our personalized treatment plans are incredibly effective at assisting children facing language delay.

We want to help your child develop exceptionally strong language skills by using a variety of technological adaptations that will ease your child’s learning curve. Our speech therapy services use toys, activities, stories, and iPads to make your child’s learning process fun and engaging.

At Speech Therapy Works, we understand the importance of bringing fun into speech therapy for children facing language delay. After all, a fun learning environment is incredibly more engaging for your child, resulting in a much more efficient and effective use of their time.

We also work closely with parents, teachers, and caregivers to provide instruction on the best ways to help their children facing language delay at home in Toronto. By taking the time to talk with the respective adults that play an integral part in each child’s life, we believe we are taking the steps necessary to ensure your child’s continued academic success, as well as a successful personal life and meaningful relationships.

Call today to book an assessment (416) 553-0729. There are no waiting lists and we can get you set up with a treatment plan to get your child back on track to becoming an amazing communicator. We provide in home speech therapy services in Toronto and throughout the GTA.