Social language affects a child’s performance in a variety of settings including school, play ground, interaction with siblings, etc. Children could exhibit social language difficulties due to delayed language including difficulty formulating questions and difficulty formulating sentences. Some children may use long, grammatically correct, complex sentences, but still have social language difficulties.

Our Social Language group will consist of 2-4 children and a speech-language pathologist or a communication disorder assistant. The therapist   will create opportunities for children to learn new skills and practice developed social language skills with peers. The child will be allotted a group based on her age and presented social language skills at the time of the evaluation.

Eligible ages for the group program: 3 years and up. Note that your child will be allotted a small group based on their age and current social language skills.

Children with the following difficulties will benefit from the social language group program

1. Difficulty using language for a variety of purposes including greeting, requesting, sharing, taking turns etc.

2. Difficulty changing language according to the needs of the listener or situation. For example, giving background information to a listener, speaking differently on the playground than in a classroom.

3. Following rules for conversation. For example, introducing the topic, staying on topic, eye contact, reading facial expressions, taking turns in a conversation etc.

To register please call (416) 553-0729.