Why choose Speech Therapy Works?

Speech Therapy Works serves children and their families in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We are a unique private practice offering a vast array of services to children with speech and language disorders as well as integrated services with other health professionals, access to funding, and a strong volunteer program. At Speech Therapy Works, a team of skilled speech-language pathologists and communicative disorder assistants provide treatment for a wide range of speech and language disorders including language delays, articulation disorders, Apraxia, difficulty reading and writing, stuttering, Aphasia, as well as speech and language disorders associated with Autism and Down Syndrome. Therapists strive to provide a fun learning environment, making use of activities, games, and iPads.

For convenience, therapists at Speech Therapy Works offer sessions at their clinic and in clients’ homes, daycares, and schools. We also provide shadows in daycares and schools for children with special needs. In addition to one-on-one sessions, Speech Therapy Works provides a number of specialized programs. Speech Therapy Works is affiliated with ABA Therapy Works, a program which provides ABA and IBI therapy to children with Autism. The clinic also offers Hanen training for parents of children with Autism, instructing parents how to assist their children with speech at home.

Additional programs offered by Speech Therapy Works include PROMPT, the Lidcombe program for children who stutter; Kaufman Therapy for children with Apraxia, articulation disorders or speech delays; reading intervention; summer programs; and year-round social language groups.