Babies start with babbling which turns into word approximations around one year old, words such as dadda, mamma, nanna (dadda often comes first). By 5 years old, toddlers can usually tell a short story and put sentences together. This can vary depending on the individual child and their birth order, as older siblings tend to speak for younger siblings which can delay this norm. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech development seek out a speech and language pathologist for an assessment.

Parents can help their child’s speech development by regularly talking to their babies from the start. Talk to them while doing your daily tasks, while doing the dishes, driving, grocery shopping, etc. When you are with your child, comment on things you see, describe them and ask simple questions. This exposes them to language structure and a variety of new words. When asking questions, make sure they are open ended, try to stay away from giving your child the opportunity to say no. You can even give directions such as ‘let’s go sit at the table’ rather than ‘would you like to go sit at the table’ you will find them more cooperative. Make a habit of reading to your baby, exposing them to language and teaching them how language and reading can be fun. Ask them questions throughout the story about the characters and what they think should or will happen.

At speech therapy works we use tricks such as these in therapy and show parents how to implement them at home to encourage language development. Check out the link below for more tips and tricks. We are a team of paediatric speech therapists passionate about working with children. To make it convenient for families with children, we offer speech therapy at our clinic and in home speech therapy.

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