Reading Develops Language Skills in Children

(Recommended for pre-school – primary aged children)

Why read

  • Sharing a book means spending time together
  • Reading a story teaches good language skills. Use the language you know best.
  • Reading aloud to a child at an early age helps the child learn to read
  • Children who are good readers do better at school

What to read

  • Choose books that have colourful and interesting pictures
  • Choose books about people and activities that your child likes
  • Choose books about everyday events like going shopping or getting ready for bed
  • Let your child choose the books you will read together, even if it means reading the same stories again and again.
  • Your child will enjoy hearing the same story again and again because he/she can guess what is going to happen

When to read

  • Read to your child every day
  • Find a time when you and your child are relaxed such as before bedtime
  • Choose a place that is comfortable and quiet such as a bed, chair or couch

How to read

  • Read slowly
  • Take time to enjoy the story. You don’t need to read every word.
  • Point to and label pictures
  • Read a little of the book, then wait to give your child time to JOIN IN

How to get your child to JOIN IN 

  • Wait before turning the page to give your child time to look at the pictures and ask questions
  • Read the first part of a sentence and let your child complete it
  • Add actions like clapping, waving or marching to make the story more interesting
  • Add sounds that match the story (car sounds, animal sounds)
  • Change your voice to match each character in the story

Where to find books

  • Public library
  • Book stores/ Children’s book stores
  • Borrow from friends
  • Garage/yard/rummage sales
  • Make up your own book using family photos or pictures from magazines

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