Playing is something that children do naturally, on their own, everyday. Play based speech therapy for kids allows for the child to shine doing something they are familiar and comfortable with. At Speech Therapy Works we strive to make therapy motivating and fun to maximize the child’s potential.

The clinicians at Speech Therapy Works spend time in the initial assessment gaining the child’s trust and becoming their friend. When the child becomes comfortable with the clinician he/she will feel more as though it is just another play date and less like they are being taught and tested.

Play based speech therapy tests attention to task, eye contact, turn-taking, problem solving, following directions, sequencing, early concepts (such as big and little, long and short), prepositions, appropriate play skills and much more.

Our clinicians can evaluate the child’s social-emotional play, such as how they interact with others and if they can adapt to a new environment or routine. It is also important to note what behaviour difficulties they may have such as difficulty with transitions or if their delayed language is contributing to their inability to regulate their behaviour.

By targeting speech and language goals while playing, the clinician promotes generalization and carryover. Play based speech therapy is less structured and allows the child and clinician to be creative. Our clinicians are quick on their feet, spontaneous and flexible and follow the child’s lead to incorporate therapy with the child’s interest. This form of therapy is not forced, less structured and less intimidating for children which allows us to get the most language out of them.

At Speech Therapy Works we make speech therapy fun and engaging. To book an appointment with one of our many clinicians you can email us at [mail] or call us at (416) 553-0729.