Speech Therapy Toronto: Benefits of In-home Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Works offers in home speech therapy in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Even though speech therapy is offered in a variety of settings, in-home speech therapy services offers many benefits.

  1. Family Involvement – In home speech therapy allows the entire family to be involved in speech therapy e.g. father, mother, siblings. Being an active participant in your child’s speech therapy sessions enables to bring out the best possible outcome. Family members can learn strategies carried out by the speech therapist and use these strategies throughout the week in a variety of routines.
  2. Carry Over – In home speech therapy enables you to carry over speech therapy strategies in the child’s naturalistic environment and in everyday routines. For example, snack time, bath time.
  3. Natural Setting – In home speech therapy will be done in a more natural setting rather than having speech therapy in a clinical setting. This makes it easier for the child to adjust and be more confident to participate in speech sessions from day 1.
  4. Convenience – There is no need to leave your home and worry about the weather, traffic, time, and transportation costs because Speech Therapy Works will come to your place to conduct speech sessions. We provide speech therapy in Toronto and throughout the GTA.
  5. Functional – The assigned speech therapist will be able to address functional goals in naturalistic settings. For example, speech therapy at snack time will target verbal requests in a functional and everyday activity.
  6. Repetition – The family involvement in each session allows the continuous practice of the skills learned throughout the week and between speech sessions.
  7. Face to Face – Working directly with the assigned speech therapist enables you to learn techniques to improve your child’s speech and language, it gives the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress thoroughly and make changes to the sessions if needed to bring out the best outcome.
  8. Monitoring – You will be able to keep track of the child’s language acquisition and progress in his/ her natural setting. You can make accurate changes to goals based on language use and generalization of language strategies in his/ her natural environment.
  9. Accessibility  It allows you to access quality speech services whether you live close to our clinic or far away. You don’t have to worry about ‘how’ to get to the clinic or ‘what’ to do with your other kids.

Speech Therapy Works acknowledges the above benefits of in home speech therapy in Toronto and GTA. You can call us on (416) 553-0729 or email info@speechtherapyworks.ca for additional information.