Providing In- Home ABA Therapy for Children

ABA Therapy Works is an affiliate of speech Therapy Works. We are servicing children on the Ontario Autism Program.


ABA Therapy with ABA Therapy Works Toronto

Behaviour therapy or ABA therapy uses principles of behaviour analysis to teach new skills including language. Behaviour analysis focuses on how learning takes place. When behaviour is followed by a positive reinforcement or a reward, the behaviour is more likely to happen again. Through years of research behaviour analysis has developed techniques for increasing useful behaviours and reduce behaviours that are harmful to child’s learning and independence.

ABA behaviour uses techniques from behaviour analysis to bring positive changes in a child’s behaviour. ABA therapy helps children with autism and other developmental disorders to acquire and master new skills. ABA therapy can target new skills such as pointing or advanced skills such as doing math homework independently.


ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

ABA therapy is widely recognized as effective treatment for children with autism. It is funded by the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Scroll down for more information). ABA therapy has proven to increase positive behaviours in children with autism and increase independence in all aspects including language use, communication and social interaction. ABA programs allow children with autism to learn, practice and master a variety of skills in both structured and unstructured settings.

ABA therapy uses positive reinforcement (reward). When behaviour is followed by a reward, it is more likely to be repeated. In ABA therapy we determine what the child is motivated by (reward) and use it to increase an existing positive behaviour or create a positive behaviour. ABA therapy increases useful behaviours e.g. sharing toys and decreases negative behaviours that interfere with learning e.g. biting, screaming, hitting.

ABA therapy can be comprehensive and target a full range of skills. It can target self care (dressing, toileting), sociability (initiating eye contact, responding to name, taking turns), readiness for school (engaging in structured activities, tracing, holding a pen, alphabets) and communication (using words, requesting, answering questions appropriately).


When to start ABA therapy and how often?

ABA Therapy works believes in Early Intervention. Research shows that earlier the start, faster the learning happens. Learning happens faster when the child is younger. Early intervention is designed to begin before the age of 4. ABA therapy can be less intensive (4-15 hours a week) or intensive (25 hours or more). Research has shown that children that receive intensive ABA therapy make larger improvements in more skill areas.


Why work with ABA Therapy Works?

We customize programs and goals to each child’s skills, needs and interests. We disapprove of the ‘one size fits all’approach. ABA therapy is customized to each child’s needs, interest and family situation. ABA program for one child will look different than a program for another child.

A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) completes the initial consultation or assessment using parent reports and formal tools. Based on the assessment, individualized programs and data collection methods are developed.  Each program breaks down desired skill into steps to be taught from simplest to more complex. The BCBA also oversees the intervention and makes necessary changes as progress is achieved by the child. Goals and programs target a broad range of skills including language, communication, self care, safety, motor skills, toileting, academic skills and attention.

Behaviour Therapy Works team consists of child friendly BCBAs and Instructor therapists. We are passionate about working with children with varied skills. We use a family oriented method to develop programs and implement programs. We provide ABA therapy at our clinic and at the convenience of your home in Toronto and the GTA.


Funding for ABA therapy

All children diagnosed with Autism under the age of 18 are eligible for funding through the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Families can use the Direct Funding Option (DFO) to receive flexible, quality and convenient services by ABA Therapy Works at your home. We are able to develop an OAP Behaviour Plan to ensure funding from the Ontario Autism Program. ***We will be updating this section with additional information soon*****


Visit The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) website to apply for funding



Contact your Regional OAP office



Find additional Information on the Direct Funding Option (DFO)



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