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In-Home & Clinic Based

Speech Therapy for Children in Toronto & GTA

Speech Therapy Works is the number one choice for hundreds of families utilizing speech therapy services in Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area.

To suit your busy life, we offer flexibility. We offer both clinic and in-home based speech therapy for children. Our state of the art clinic is conveniently located across the Sheppard West TTC Station in Toronto. We also provide speech therapy at the convenience of your home in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In addition to appointments during the day, we offer appointments after school hours and on the weekends. We are proud to offer our services in the following areas:

Speech Therapy Services

From evaluation to diagnosis to treatment, our experienced clinical staff cover a full range of speech and language disorders affecting children of all ages. Each therapy session is tailored to the individual’s needs, abilities, and attention span. Speech Therapy Works employs a variety of strategies to meet your child’s needs including Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Where appropriate, we integrate a team approach, working along with other therapists, teachers, parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Click on each service below for more information.


Articulation Disorder


Down Syndrome

Language Delay

Learning Disability

Reading, Writing & Literacy


Traumatic Brain Injury

Voice Therapy

Speech Therapy in Toronto

Speech disorders are all too common and can be corrected more easily if detected early. It is very common that these challenges with speaking clearly or even reading are noticed first at school and require the attention of a professional speech therapist. Speech therapy can be done at our clinic or often times in home and can be very effective if sessions are held on a regular schedule. Speech Therapy Works is a professional speech therapy company that provides a wide range of speech therapy services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We will help you with every aspect of the process including evaluation, diagnosis, counselling and treatment.

In-Home Speech Language Therapy

At Speech Therapy Works, our professional and courteous therapists will travel to your home to provide therapy. Evaluations and therapy sessions differ depending on your needs so please contact us for a personalized evaluation and treatment plan. We will answer all of your questions and set-up a suitable date and time for one of our therapists to come to you. All travel costs and materials are included in the price quoted by us! Here is what you can expect from our Speech Therapy Team:

  • A private speech assessment by a speech-language pathologist
  • Personalized sessions to meet your speech therapy needs
  • Patient, professional, and effective therapists
  • Convenient, in-home, one-on-one sessions
  • Unmatched knowledge and expertise

Clinic Based Speech-Language Therapy

Our state of the art clinic is conveniently located across the Sheppard West TTC station in Toronto. One of our speech-language pathologists will be happy to provide a free consultation. We will educate you about our scope of practice and provide you information on how we could help you develop speech-language skills and meet your communication goals. We will set up a suitable date and time for a speech-language assessment or speech therapy with one of our courteous and professional speech therapists.

At our clinic, we offer 30 minute sessions, 45 minute sessions, 60 minute sessions or 75 minute sessions. To help you generalize newly developed speech-language skills, we offer group therapy sessions in addition to individual sessions.

Our Comprehensive Approach


The first step in any speech therapy effort begins with an evaluation. This process involves interviewing the person seeking treatment to better understand the challenges they have. This evaluation will be done by trained speech-language pathologists holding a Master’s degree that understand there is a wide range of speech issues and each of them may require a different approach to treat. This diagnosis is done at our clinic or at your home by one of our registered speech-language pathologists to make it less stressful, especially for younger children.


Once the evaluation is complete, a diagnosis will be made and treatment plan will be developed. This diagnosis may include a consultation with other healthcare professionals. The outcome of this diagnosis will determine the course of speech therapy services that will be needed to rectify the problem. Some of the more common issues that are treated using speech therapy include articulation delay, language delay, autism, Down syndrome, learning disability, reading, writing and stuttering. Each of these issues has a very specific treatment that needs to be performed on a regular basis to help improve the patient’s speech.


Regularly scheduled clinic based or in home speech therapy sessions will need to be conducted to put the patient on the road to improvement. A variety of communication disorders including articulation delay, language delay, stuttering, learning disability, autism, down syndrome, aphasia, reading difficulties, concerns with written work and apraxia could be treated by speech therapists at Speech Therapy Works through sessions at our clinic or in-home speech therapy. Our staff can make visits in home as regularly needed to help with the program. The key to improving all of these conditions is regular sessions to reinforce the lessons and techniques needed for improvement.


During our sessions we will suggest other things you can do to help the patient when they are not in a session. These everyday tools can speed the program by providing reinforcement between sessions and helping the patient learn how to correct their issues naturally. Some of these techniques will include word games, apps and other creative, proven strategies for helping the patient along. Speech Therapy Works has a proven track record of helping people of all ages overcome their speech issues; we can help you!

Registered Speech-Language Pathologists

Our dedicated and caring professional staff enjoy working with young children to provide personalized therapy in order to help achieve your communication goals. We are attentive to our client needs and provide quality speech-language services. We have a rich history of client satisfaction and client loyalty.  All of our Speech-Language Pathologists are registered with The College of Audiologists and Speech-language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).