Providing In-Home Speech Therapy North York

Speech and language concerns are very common, and often arise during early childhood and in the early school-age years. As a child is expected to be more proficient in their use and understanding of speech and language, delays or deficits begin to stand out amongst same-age peers. Often a teacher, doctor, or other professional may recommend a speech-language assessment be conducted to evaluate if intervention is considered necessary. If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech and/or language, a Speech-Language Pathologist can address them for you.


Speech Therapy Works provides a variety of speech and language therapy services across the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists (S-LPs) and Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDAs) provide quality, professional speech therapy services in the form assessment, diagnosis, counseling and treatment. With an emphasis on a team approach, Speech Therapy Works consults and liaises with clients, parents, teachers, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the most comprehensive and individualized intervention programs for each and every client. In North York, we provide in home speech therapy in addition to speech therapy at our clinic.


Evaluation and Diagnosis

When concerns arise regarding speech and language abilities, an evaluation or assessment must be conducted prior to intervention. This process provides useful insight as to which areas a client may or may not require services to support. Through interview and assessment, and consultation with other healthcare professionals (if required), the S-LP can make a diagnosis which serves as a starting point for intervention. Speech and language concerns can be evaluated and assessed at the clinic, at home, school, or daycare. Common areas in which speech therapists provide services following diagnosis include: speech and/or language delays and disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, stuttering/fluency, and learning disabilities.



Outcomes are the greatest when intervention is intensive and consistent. Following diagnosis, therapy sessions are scheduled as regular weekly appointments. This ensures that your child receives repeated exposure to lessons and techniques each week, which increases the likelihood of improvement and promotes generalization of new skills to other contexts outside of sessions. Speech Therapy Works offers a large degree of flexibility to meet all client needs in a clinic setting, in the comfort of your own home, and in the school, and/or daycare setting.



Depending on the diagnosis made by the S-LP, tools and techniques may differ from client to client. Each session is suited to the specific speech and language goals of the client, and the method of delivery is tailored to their unique learning styles and interests. Play-based therapy is widely used, which places an emphasis on play materials such as games and toys which the child selects independently. The clinician will also provide updates, tools, tips and techniques to parents/guardians continuously throughout the treatment process to increase exposure to “therapy” outside of scheduled sessions with the speech therapist.


At Speech Therapy Works, speech therapists work with children and parents to ensure high quality, empowering services are being delivered while maintaining a positive and supportive environment in which clients and their families can thrive.


If you are looking for speech therapy in North York call our intake (416) 553-0729 or email info@speechtherapyworks.ca