Providing In-Home Speech Therapy Newmarket

Providing Speech Therapy

Being able to communicate is an essential part of our lives. Children in particular who have a difficult time communicating can experience low self-esteem, difficulties in school, and can result in child becoming socially isolated. These communication difficulties can often stem from speech and language disorders. Speech disorders can include stuttering, articulation issues, and voice disorders. Language disorders on the other hand can include difficulty understanding language, reading, writing and social communication. There are many different causes for speech and language disorders and delays in Newmarket including genetics, neurological disorders, physical impairments (e.g. cleft lip and palate), intellectual disabilities, Autism and Down syndrome. Sometimes normally developing children can present with speech language delay for unknown reasons. Speech therapy is an effective way to help children who are experiencing speech and language disorders. Early intervention is essential as most children learn language skills by age 3 (“What is Speech Therapy”, 2015). Speech therapy can help a child to improve their speech, literacy and ability to communicate in social settings. Gaining these skills can help a child to succeed in school and thrive in their everyday life.


Before a child begins treatment, they will be assessed by a speech-language pathologist. This assessment is necessary in order to evaluate the child’s communication, language, behavior and social skills. An assessment involves both testing and clinical observation. Once the assessment is complete the child’s abilities will be compared with standardized norms based on their age. The assessment will look for disorders including: language disorders (e.g. understanding spoken/written language and socializing), cognitive communication disorders (e.g. difficulty reasoning and problem solving), voice disorders (e.g. issues with pitch and loudness), and speech disorders (e.g. difficulty with articulation). When needed, the speech-language pathologist will also collect additional information from teachers and other health professionals (e.g. physicians, occupational therapists and psychologists), in order to have a better understanding of the child’s condition and identify potential disorders or delays. The speech-language pathologist will then look at all the information and create a treatment plan to target the child’s needs.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy sessions in Newmarket can take place one-on-one or in a group setting with a speech language pathologist. Speech therapy sessions will vary from client to client depending on the goals from the treatment plan. These goals can include addressing articulation errors, receptive language issues, expressive language issues, reading, writing and communication in social situations (e.g. initiating conversations and topic maintenance). The speech-language pathologist will then develop a therapy session that includes specific activities, games and materials to target the child’s goals. At the end of the session, the therapist will recommend strategies that the parents can use at home, in order to reinforce the concepts that the child learned within the session. This is helpful so that the child can continue practicing during the week. At Speech Therapy Works Newmarket, regular treatment is recommended for issues such as language delays, learning disabilities, stuttering, Autism and Down Syndrome.

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