Providing In-Home Speech Therapy Markham

In Markham, our registered and qualified speech language pathologists provide services at the convenience of your home, day care and school. We work with children of all ages 16 months- 18 years of age. Speech therapists or speech language pathologists work on all aspects of language including receptive language (ability to understand), expressive language (talking), pronunciation, social- language, pragmatics, reading and writing. We work with families that want to ensure their child is functioning age appropriately and also with children that have a diagnosis. Children with various diagnoses may benefit from speech therapy- Autism, Down syndrome, Learning Disability, language delay, articulation delay, ADHD, reading difficulties, organizational difficulties, problem solving difficulties etc.


Why choose Speech Therapy Works

Our passion and experience is in the field of providing speech therapy for CHILDREN. We have learned and mastered how to engage children in speech therapy. We are known to build excellent rapport with our clients and maintain long term relationships with clients. We are informative and enjoy educating parents. All our goals are personalized to your child’s need. We are transparent about services from the beginning to the end. We provide honest and appropriate recommendations throughout.


How can I sign up for speech therapy with Speech Therapy Works?

When you are looking for speech therapy in Markham, call us on (416) 553-0729 or email info@speechtherapyworks.ca

Our intake coordinator will gather information about your concerns and assign a qualified speech therapist to your child. We will book an appointment based on your availability. We will discuss various programs that can be appropriate for you and sign you up accordingly. We complete speech language assessments, speech language consultation and ongoing speech therapy.